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Touching Lives Ministry was founded in 2006 by Alandrus P. Spencer after the approval of God. Touching Lives Ministry is a New Season Church that focuses on teaching the Word of God in a very practical way. The Church is position in a strategic place to help people from every walk of life. We have our minds set on the unchurched and those that desire to get back to God. We believe we have been positioned in this area to break through the strongholds of the enemy. We will root up tradition that is not based in the Word of God and begin to proclaim the Word of God in all those communities that have been held down by demonic influences.

Touching Lives Ministry is a place where all people can get help. We are located in a small area but we have a global mindset to do what God called for this Church to do (God is doing a new thing) Isaiah 43:18-19 Amp.




Words of Wisdom

Never think you know someone
based off limited information! Get to
know a person for yourself, it is always
more to a person than what you see
or hear and that person may lend you
favor that you could not get from
the one you have known.

Be blessed,

Alandrus P. Spencer

Our Mission and Vision

The mission of Touching Lives Ministry
will be to seek out the lost,and the
broken at heart, the poor
and all those who want to have a
relationship with our Lord and savior
Jesus Christ. We intend to change and
empower lives through the word of God.

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Online Giving

We thank you for your financial support of
Touching Lives Ministry. Every seed that you
sow is used to fulfill our mission of
"touching lives around the world" through the
gospel of Jesus Christ. Your giving is very scriptural.
Paul stated in Philippians 4:10,18 (The Living Bible)